How is mcafee internet security? why is it used so widely in most places and is it a monopoly?

i have only used mcafee security suite because the ISP offers it for free and all computers at school and work use mcafee too.

Even though there are so many antivirus why do businesses, schools and internet providers stick with mcafee only? When i bought new computer it came with pre-installed mcafee.

is mcafee an antivirus monopoly?

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  1. norwegian_pride says:

    It is utter crap. The reason it is so widely used is because they have a deal with microsoft. However, it is not a monopoly. A monopoly would be if they were the only anti virus EVER. But there are many, and you can get any anti-virus you want.

    By the way get Avast! Home Edition

    It is free, and the absolute last anti virus you will need.

  2. xyz87 says:

    i started using internet in 1998 and even back then the computer came with pre-installed mcafee. until 2008, i didn’t even know that there are antiviruses known as avira, avast, avg, kaspersky. I honestly did not even have any clue what is nod 32 or g-data. And that is until 2008.

    Then in 2008, when a virus stuck my computer so bad that mcafee kept getting blocked from opening, i looked at the internet and discovered avira. i then switched to avira premium, and wow i was stunned at how quickly it detected virus after virus.

    These pre-installed mcafee deals and mcafee being provided for free by internet providers makes it so widely used. Its not that the person makes the choice — it is shoved down his throat!

    Now i’m back to using mcafee because i can’t afford much and am having hard financial times. I did not renew the avira subscription, because mcaffee is provided free by my broadband provider. But if i had the money, i’d be using avira premium

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