How long does it usually take for a computer security system to COMPLETELY clean a virus?

i think i got a virus on my computer. i am using McAfee Security Systems, how long does it usually take for a virus to go away??? HELP!!! :(
also, please be detailed and give as much as you know, because me and computer technology do not got together.

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  1. alfredenuemann98195 says:

    Depends on size of hard drive and speed of computer. Some take hours and other a shorter time depending if you do full scan or quick scan. Full scan is the preferred method.

  2. smgray99 says:

    That depends on the virus and the anti-virus program. As a general rule, however, if you anti-virus program did not remove it as soon as it was found (or at least disable it) then you still have it and your program will not remove it.

  3. Shadow Wolf says:

    If you do a full system scan, then it could take hours to complete. How many hours depends on the setting. For full system scans, start the scan before you go to bed and have it shut itself off. The better anti-virus and malware programs will have this feature.

    If the virus is detected automatically and it isn’t difficult to remove, then these are often removed almost instantly. Usually it takes longer for you to ok the removal than it takes to actually remove it unless it is set for automatic removal.

    Very few malware files take much time to delete. The worst ones I ever found on a system used around 3Gb of space and had several hundred files that had to be removed. It took several minutes just deleting all the bad files created by the infection. It was a big mess but I still had his computer running normal in under an hour after removing several other infections also.

    Most anti-virus tools are very efficient. If they weren’t, someone could claim theirs was significantly faster and they would lose business.

    Shadow Wolf

  4. Tony RB says:

    If you and computer technology do not get along then you will need to find someone to personally help you, look for a repair shop for computers and laptops, or, if you are a student, someone in their computer department might tell you about a person or business that can remove the virus for you.

  5. Chris says:

    it should take about a day b/c i had a virus and it cleaned it out but i had a real good virus cleaner

  6. Henry says:

    I recommend you download avira antivir because it has a high detection rate. Download here – then update and run a scan. Once it finds something choose the delete option. Scan every now and then to remove any leftover virus. Make sure you remove mcafee first. Also download spybot by searching it on Run a scan and immunilize your pc.

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