How many hours you spent a week on computer security issues?

for things like anti-virus scan, firewall, pop up blocker, spyware, etc.

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  1. ForensicGirl says:

    For my own security issues. I spend only the time it takes to upgrade my subscription every year or so.

    I spend more time attempting to provide good advice to users on here who are repeatedly using crapware solutions and that takes up a considerable bit of time and is quite frustrating when I know all of their problems could so easily be avoided.

    Good Luck

  2. Jona says:

    About 70

    Then again I work in IT Security!

    Seriously though….you shouldn’t need to take up too much time just make sure you do the usual housekeeping:-

    Keep your AV/Anti spyware/Firewall up to date
    Make sure your O/S is fully patched
    Ideally use a NAT router between you and the net
    Use security on WiFi if you have it.
    Change the default password on any router you use

    And most importantly…if you see something on the web or by email which seems too good to be true…it almost certainly is (and my be carrying a virus/trojan)

    Hope this help


  3. seven_up_the_uncola says:

    Hello ,

    Habit forming . I check for updates manualy even though my protection softwares are set to auto update and check for updates automaticaly . Pop-up blockers are set to “High” and to over-ride the block and simply hold two keys down just before opening and while the website is opening . ctrl alt . will over-ride the blocker(s) . The software Firewall is set and I rarely alter the settings . I like to run a Full System scan with Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware about 5 to 10 days apart . I go to websites that are obviously legitimate to me . I have never caught a Virus . I also perform a Complete System Restore 4 times per year . My Full System Scans take about 45 miniutes to 55 minutes . Therefore I spend aboout 1 hour per week for things like “Anti-Virus scans , firewall , popup blocker . spyware etc.” .

  4. davidis99 says:

    For my own systems, less than 1 hour a week. On Q&A boards like this, anywhere from 5-10 hours a week answering questions.

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