How much does internet security matter to you?

From giving away your Social Security number to hiding your gender, how much does internet security matter to you? Has it become so hard to hide you don’t bother? Do you want people to know who you really are? Or are you paranoid about people knowing a single thing about you?

(Too many question marks, I know)

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  1. Charles says:

    Online white pages, put ur name & address in & see what come up, ur be surprised, not much u can keep private, if u have gas, ele., water & phone, they know who u r, & anyone can find u, that way & get a map t ur house with a picture of it. Me I don’t care, I’m 70, & don’t have anything, but my SS, but I have friends & family members, that will not use Credit card online, want do online banking, because all u here is that so in so has been hacked & 1000 of ur ID’s were taken, r SS #, banks have been hacked, atm’s & so on, every day, there r people who set around & think about how t get ur money, by hook & crock. with no heavy lifting<:) Voila

  2. Dunbar Pappy ϟϟ says:

    If it were merely a simple matter, where the people I know need the info, and only they would be getting this info; AND I knew with absolute certainty that they could completely be trusted to not be using Windows with the database exposed to the Internet, AND every single person in the organization was as informed and concerned as I am about Internet security; then it would be an easy choice.
    However, I see a steady stream of Q’s here about how to get around the office security so the bored secretary can go to Facebook, or other known phishing site, and that removes any doubt about trusting an organization with my personal info.
    It can’t be done with any meaningful certainty.

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