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  1. Tweeter & the MonkeyMan says:

    That’s a wide-open question.

    A computer-security specialist who works at a small non-profit in US, or maybe a community college – $40-80k / annually.
    If one specializes in specific types of security; firewalls, web code, digital identity, etc… then you can climb from there.

    If you are a specialist with credentials; BS/ MS in Computer Science or Cyber-Security (or even counter-Intelligence, Criminal Methods & Security.. as long as you have good skillz).. industry certifications [ SANS, ISC3, Cisco, RedHat, Microsoft, etc..] .. or if without paper credentials, you are known for something you did – like the old-school grey-hats, or if you publish some demonstrations of your knowledge…

    Then you can go freelance, work as a consultant, or become a CIO, where you can command $100K – $2M per year.

    A lot depends on the industry, too. Right now, Banking and Finance are big targets, and are paying better salaries.. Federal US Government is also hiring (and training).. Hospitals & insurance are good, Auto-repair shops, libraries, fast-food chains.. probably not so good.

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