How Organisations Should Guard Against Potential Cyber Security Threats

Data protection is a rising concern worldwide, for individuals who are more vulnerable to online attacks given the lack of awareness and infrastructure as well as organisations whose systems are used by individual employees.

According to a report by cyber security software company Norton LifeLock released earlier this year, a whopping 59 per cent of Indian adults had their data exposed to cyber criminals in 2020. Also, a report by IBM showed that Indian organisations suffered a loss of over Rs 16.5 crore during the pandemic (May 2020 to March 2021) due to data breach.

Breach of personal data can be alarming, especially if it’s sensitive information, including your email address, photos, IP address and biometric data.

“Cyber crime is a threat to day-to-day operations and a data breach or cyber attack might cause business and reputational damage as well as regulatory and compliance issues. Owing to the nature of risk, cyber risk management is an area of utmost priority for businesses today,” says Wilfred Singler, senior director, market development and digital solutions, CRIF India

So, how do individuals end up compromising data for organisations? Zaki Qureshey, director general, Hyderabad Security Cluster, says, “Mobile devices, both corporate-owned and bring your own device (BYOD) [personal], are now the dominant productivity platform in any enterprise organization: 60 per cent of enterprise endpoints are mobile, according to Microsoft.”

However, mobile devices are under-protected and disproportionately targeted, he adds. “These devices operate extensively outside of corporate firewalls, in the hands of users who may not prioritise precautions like vetting Wi-Fi networks or keeping their devices patched and updated. Mobiles often represent a wandering corporate data repository. That’s why Zimperium (one of the leading mobile security solutions, which offers only real-time, on-device, machine learning-based protection against Android, iOS, and Chromebook threats) detects an average of 600 million threat events involving enterprise mobile devices daily.”

Implication of A Data Breach For Organisations

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