How to activate Panda Internet Security 2009 on a 2nd computer?

I have just bought and registered Panda Internet Security 2009 from Panda’s website. Now i have 2 licenses left i can use on other computers. How do i activate the anti virus on another computer?

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  1. Panda Security says:

    Hello Salman,

    Go ahead and proceed with the installation of Panda Internet Security 2009 on your 2nd computer. You will need the following data to activate the additional license:

    Your email address: Make sure you enter the e-mail address you used during your original registration

    Activation code: This is the code that lets you activate the product. If you have bought the product in a store you will find this code attached to the product box or CD envelope. If you have bought it on the Internet, you will have received this code via email after completing the purchase.

    Client number: This is the number you received when you first activated your product.

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