How to Cut Down on Data Breach Stress and Fatigue

If you’re tired of hearing the words ‘data breach’, you’re not alone. It’s looking like 2021 might end up becoming the year with the most ransomware attacks on record. In August, SonicWall reported that the global ransomware attack volume had increased 151% during the first six months of the year compared to H1 2020. The security community witnessed a total of 304.7 million attempted ransomware attacks over the course of that period. That’s up from 304.6 million attack attempts for all of 2020. Those attacks included notable ransomware incidents such as the Colonial Pipeline infection, an incident which disrupted lives by causing gas shortages.

Such growth held steady into the third quarter of the year. According to SonicWall, ransomware attackers registered 190.4 million infection attempts in that time. This attack volume made Q3 2021 the quarter with the highest number of ransomware attacks on record. It almost surpassed the 195.7 million ransomware incidents seen in the first three quarters of 2020. That’s year-over-year growth of 148%, with 470 million ransomware attacks logged through September. SonicWall predicted 714 million ransomware attacks for all of 2021, a 134% increase over 2020.

Data Breach Stress 

News of all these ransomware attacks, not to mention other types of security incidents, are stressing out users. That’s what Kaspersky learned in the process of conducting a 2021 survey. The results of the study reveal that news of data breaches stressed out 69% of respondents. (Americans and Canadians felt that pressure equally.) This figure is less than the 75% of survey participants who felt stressed by data compromise in 2018. After dropping to 68% the following year, those levels of stress remained consistent thereafter.

Meanwhile, 64% of digital users said they felt stressed by news of ransomware attacks in 2021.

In the course of conducting its study, Kaspersky discovered that users felt more stress from data breaches, ransomware and security incidents than they did from other events in their lives. To illustrate, 64% of respondents said that someone breaching their bank accounts would cause them the most stress in…