how to delete personal security out my computer?

this personal security somehow downloaded in my computer and i cant get it out i go to add and remove it just says activate when i turn my computer on it my icons on my front screen go away and alot of my websites are block. I need somehing that will delete this out.

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  1. me.its68 says:

    scan for malware using windows malware remover, type in ”mrt” into the run commands, also have a look in all programs via the start menu and see if its there, if it is then click on it and click uninstall

  2. joelj1964 says:

    The most viable option here is to create a bootable cd to scan your computer. Avira has a system_recover software that you can use. Unless you have software that will burn ISO images you will need to download a program to do that. This is not a hard process even among the technical jargon. First, download the ISO image from the first link below and save it to your desktop for easy access. Next, download CDburnerXP from the second link below. During the installation of CD burner, make sure you place a check in the box to associate ISO files with CDBurnerXP. Once all downloads are complete, click on the Avira ISO icon you saved to the desktop. CDBurnerXP will automatically open and give you the option to burn the ISO image to a disk. You must use a blank disk for this. Flash drives will not work and if there is anything else on the disk it will not work as well. After burning the ISO image to the disk, take the disk to the infected computer, insert it and wait for the option screen to appear. Choose scan in DOS or something to that effect. Once the main screen for the scanner appears, click on update. If there is an internet connection available it will update. Also, on the main screen of the scanner, there are two flags in the bottom left corner. Click on the British flag to view the contents in English. If you need further assistance, you can email me from my Yahoo Answers profile page. Good luck!!

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