How To Fix Error Specified Procedure Could Not Be Found On Windows 10 or 11

Windows 10 Not Detecting Second Display, Windows Update Error 0x80070490, Error Specified Procedure Could Not Be Found

If you’re a Windows 10 or 11 user, then you might be one of the many users who are experiencing the emergence of an error specifically stated as “Specified Procedure Could Not Be Found”. As with any such error, this one in particular also has a myriad of reasons that one can deal with.

To state a few, you could have an outdated Windows operating system. Or, your system may have corrupted registry entries. In addition to that, there might be certain installed programs on your PC that may have been incorrectly installed. Sometimes, even the presence of simple malware or corruption on your PC could lead to errors like “Specified Procedure Could Not Be Found”.

Whatever may be the source of such an error, we have compiled for you a bunch of solutions that may work for you in solving the “Specified Procedure Could Not Be Found” error on your Windows. So go ahead and give them a try!

Scan For Malware

As mentioned earlier, one of the many causes of the error could be simply malware. Oftentimes, certain viruses and related malware can get accumulated on your PC. That’s relatively normal and a usual occurrence. Thus, then comes the need to troubleshoot your operating system to get rid of such viruses and malware. What kind of damage can such malware do exactly to your system?

Well, it’s noteworthy that these viruses and errors can compromise your passwords, get access to the system, invade networks and cause all such sorts of similar issues. All that and more leads to the imperative need for deep cleansing of the operating system. To do so is very simple. All you’ll need to do is scan your PC for such viruses and malware. You can easily follow through by simply downloading and installing any third-party Antivirus software if you don’t have them already, and scan your system through them.

Install Any Pending Updates

It may seem like a hefty job and you might have avoided it so far, but apparently, it is deemed necessary that you go through the process of updating whatever is pending. Why exactly is updating Windows necessary? First off, you’ll need to understand that whatever malware you may be facing, may very well stem from the…