How to get into computer security?

Hi, I have gone through the book C++ for dummies I want to know where to go from here I want to get into security mainly I’m only 16 so please take that into consideration. I am fairly competent in C++ I need practice in classes, but that won’t be a problem. Please point me toward resources and websites to learn thank you. whOOper.

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  1. adamgoldberg1337 says:

    You want to learn about information security or you want to be a hacker?

    If you want to learn about and get into the security field then I suggest learning about networks, ports, and the OSI model (and how everything interacts with it). The OSI model is the basis for all things that a computer does (it has 7 layers that start at 1, physical, and end with 7, application). Certain devices are ‘positioned’ at different levels of the OSI model and once you get that in your head you will learn that bypassing one can help you block that same hole.

    If you want to hack then do the same exact thing as learning about security and you will be a hacker. The difference though is that you have to be smarter than the information security employees or else you will fail completely.

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