How to get Phone Activation and Request Code for Norton Internet Security 2007 (preinstalled in Vista)?

I need to get a request code for my Norton Internet Security 2007, which was already installed in my Vista computer so that I can subscribe my software via phone.

I dont like to activate it online so can someone help, please??

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  1. mac_fixit says:

    I would suggest ditching Nortons and downloading AVG or Kaspersky in stead as they are free and much better than Nortons. You will need to be online to do that.

  2. C-bug says:

    If you start to do this over the internet, there should be an option to CALL the company for this, and the phone number will show.

    Otherwise, go to the Symantec web site (the maker of Norton) and find info online to purchase the software package you want.


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