How to get this fake security spyware crap off my computer..?

My friends computer has some kind of spyware crap on it and she cant get it off. It has taken off all her icons on her desktop and it wont let her go to anything but the internet. I have had something similar on my computer but I tried using what I used to get it off but it didnt work. Its like a fake security thing. It says she has all kinds of viruses but she really doesnt. Does anyone know a way to get it off! Help please!!

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  1. jason says:

    the best way to be clean:
    reinstall your OS using your restore disc.
    get a good antivirus software and keep the definitions updated.

    be careful of what websites you visit.
    get something like spybot s&d or adaware and run it weekly.

    malware bytes is great too

    dont use internet explorer. use firefox, opera, or safari

    – your super dooper security expert

  2. Drkzin says:

    Before you reformat like the guy above me told you what to do, try MBAM, its one of the world’s best virus scanners in the world! I love this program and i use it instead of my anti-virus scaners. All my friends like it too. Trust me its real good and its free. Heres the site to download it:
    The downloads on the left. I hope this helps, make sure you update it before downloading and don’t insert a usb thumb drive or any media into the infected PC because most likely it will transfer malicious files and infect your files on your USB flash drive or whatever you put in.

    If you can provide more information, or have any more questions, please email me via. my profile.
    Expert Computer Hardware Tech Guy

  3. optimus says:

    Here’s the best way to get rid of, well, everything unnecessary starting with the computer. First DO NOT touch that antivirus program! Leave it ASAP. If you’ve already restarted the computer and it’s still there, you have a definite problem.

    Try Trend Micro HouseCall ( ). This program should be able to scan for problems from your web browser

    Another solution to remove bad programs starting up with your computer: Click Start, Run (if you don’t see it hold down the Windows key and press R) type in msconfig and press Enter. Go to the Startup tab, click “Disable all” and Ok. Restart your computer.

  4. Wide Glide says:

    Use the tools in the links to remove
    Microsoft How To Get Rid of Malware:
    If the infection will not let Malwarebytes install or run see this link and use the rkill, but read instructions first
    other info when MBAM will not run or install
    When Malwarebytes fails to permanently delete after detection see

    When SUPERAntispyware will not run see here for instructions
    Or Here:

    Pocket Killbox

  5. Zenon says:

    To ward off any dubious activities and to combat viruses already present on a computer system, I suggest you take a look at:

    If your system has been infected, you will be informed as to which PC threat is prevalent on the system, and be provided with removal instructions accordingly.

    Remember to always keep your antivirus and anti-spyware applications up to date and fully functional.

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