How to Keep Your Crypto Safe? 10 Security Tips

Today, you can find many examples on the net when cryptocurrency assets were hacked, and all the money floated into the hands of attackers. There are more and more different tricks that scammers use to steal your money every day. However, there are a few tips to help you protect your assets. The crypto license in Lithuania is a clear signal that the crypto exchange or wallet is legal and, therefore, can be trusted.

What are the most common scams?

Every day scammers come up with new ways to steal your money. Among the most common today are:

  • Fake sites;
  • Fraud by email;
  • Fraud in social networks;
  • Fake applications;
  • Extortion;
  • Tech support scam and more.

Sometimes it is pretty challenging to determine where a conscientious service representative is and where a fraudster is. You must always adhere to the rules of computer literacy and check all partners.

10 tips to protect your crypto assets

We offer 10 handy tips that are as simple as possible to apply but allow you to protect your assets reliably.

1. Store your assets in a cold storage wallet

At the moment, the developers have not come up with anything more reliable than cold wallets. The point is that to steal money, an attacker must have physical access to the media. It is impossible to hack it via the Internet or Bluetooth.

2. Use not 1 but several wallets at once

A good solution would be to divide all your assets into several wallets. Moreover, one of them can have hot storage to use the currencies for your purposes, and the rest of the assets can be stored on several hardware wallets. So, even if you are stolen or lose the carrier, you will not lose all the money.

3. Use different passwords

According to some reports, almost 70% of Americans and Europeans use the same password for all accounts. On the one hand, this is convenient because you will not forget it, but on the other hand, if an attacker hacks one of your accounts, he will quickly gain access to the rest.

4. Use a secure Internet

Never use public Wi-Fi from devices that have access to your crypto assets. In this case, the attacker will not only be able to write off all your money but also gain access to personal information for further blackmail.

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