How to Make Internet Browsing Safe and Secure 2021 Guide

This article is about How to Make Internet Browsing Safe and Secure. So read this free guide, How to Make Internet Browsing Safe and Secure step by step. If you have query related to same article you may contact us. So Lets begin this guide:

Guide: How to Make Internet Browsing Safe and Secure

Every day we hear about new vulnerabilities and online hacks. Hackers are on the hunt to steal your crucial data. The most recent hack was from the XDA-Developers forum. Although no user data has been compromised. Android smartphones already have several vulnerabilities. And we are all waging a never-ending war to protect our privacy online. So, underneath all this cyber hassle, what can you do to protect your data? What Can an Average Joe Do? Do not panic. We’ve got you covered.

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In the past, we have shared some extensions for safe browsing in Chrome. But here in this guide, I would like to go a little wider. I would like to explain to you the basics of security in browsers (no matter what web browser you use) and add some cool ones too tips that gives you a completely safe browsing experience. This guide is simplified for the average Joe.

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The basics of security

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What is HTTPS?


You can read about it on Wikipedia, but I would like to explain it very simply here wordsBasically what HTTPS does is it secures communication between the server of the website you are visiting (which has HTTPS) and the client (you are using the PC). How is that secured? Using encryption. Encryption basically just creates a secret new language that only the server and the client can understand. That way, no one (even hackers) knows what’s going through the connection.

Not every website can get an HTTPS / SSL certificate. Each content is first analyzed. And the necessary security checks are carried out. A security check is also performed by all browsers. Some websites try to establish an HTTPS connection with a combination of encrypted and non-encrypted content. That is the reason why you will get such errors as below.

Https error

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Types of attacks

Most browser-based hacker attacks use Javascript. Developers use…