How To Protect Your Business Data

Stefan Leipold CEO of &

The tech we use today is intended to make our lives easier, from the AirTag reminding us of where we left a key behind or locating our travel bag to “find my device” if we lost a laptop or phone and want to find it or remotely wipe sensitive data.

Sadly, like all inventions in the world, people can and are misusing them for crimes and criminal monetary benefits. I want to share my knowledge on what’s trending and how to protect yourself in the best way possible from these attacks, especially as it pertains to your use of technology for business. Unlike my previous articles, these tips are based more on physical awareness and less on your actions on a computer.

GPS Trackers

If you find yourself on a business trip and are renting a car, use your cellphone to scan the car for hidden GPS trackers like Apple AirTag or Android tags: There are apps available to help you do this. Criminals can hide these tags in a car and just wait for their victim to park the car and leave their valuable belongings inside for a quick lunch meeting or break from business travel. Rental companies may scan the cars as well, but it’s possible that they’ll miss these devices.

Air Travel Security

If you travel by plane for work, you probably already know to have your device camera covered and may already be using privacy devices and features. However, I also recommend using a VPN (virtual private network) to secure your online session and protect your business’s data. But more importantly, never name your laptop “your name” and turn off features like Bluetooth discovery, AirDrop and so on for any devices you’re using for work.

Cloud Storage

Most users of cloud storage solutions think that their business data is safe, and they don’t need to back it up because “I back up to the cloud.” This assumption is wrong. The cloud synchronizes with your devices. If one is hacked and the hacker steals and then erases that data, it will be gone from all devices. So do keep a local copy backup of your work data, and look for solutions that provide backup restore services in case you do lose your business data. Be aware and create local backups of all of…