How to Remove Search Marquis from Mac

How to remove Search Marquis

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Does your search engine keep redirecting you to Search Marquis? Has your browser been slower and buggier than usual? If yes, then your Mac may have been infected with a browser hijacker.

The Search Marquis tends to flood your browser with intrusive ads and steal your personal information by rerouting all of your Google searches through its own website. It can also negatively impact the performance of your Mac computer, which is why its removal is necessary.

In this article, we’ll teach you how to remove Search Marquis from Mac using multiple methods. The most effective solution is to use an antivirus software such as TotalAV to scan your computer and delete all viruses it finds.

What is Search Marquis on Mac?

Search Marquis is a browser hijacker that exists in the form of a search engine just like Google or Bing. If your Mac gets infected with this malware, you’ll continuously get redirected to no matter which search engine you use.

It can target browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and even Safari. Most people don’t even notice their computer has been infected until their browser gets filled with unwanted ads and suspicious links.

Search Marquis site on Chrome

Search Marquis site on Chrome.

Phishing attacks are common on Search Marquis which is why it’s best to avoid clicking on any ads or links you see on the site.

Just like the Bing redirect hijacker malware, Search Marquis usually infiltrates your computer through a potentially unwanted application (PUA) or a browser extension.

Some signs you need to look out for if you think your computer might have been infected:

  • Google keeps redirecting you to Search Marquis.
  • You have browser extensions or apps you don’t remember downloading.
  • Your browser’s performance has been slower than usual.
  • Your Mac has been acting up.
  • You’re seeing too many ads and suspicious links whenever you search for something.

Search Marquis can be difficult to remove because it’s often hidden in folders where you wouldn’t bother to look.

Here’s a quick summary of what sort of malware Search Marquis is:


Search Marquis