How to remove the Security toolbar icon on task bar that keep saying my computer is infected with spyware?

I removed Security Toolbar with Pest Patrol. Everything else from the virus is removed but the icon on the task bar still occasionally says that System Alert! my computer is infected with spyware .
Anybody know a free way to remove this last piece of the virus?

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  1. how_bout_them_carolina_panthers says:

    Try this……click the start button, then click Run, then type msconfig and hit enter.
    Then click the startup tab. If there is anything you see that you don’t recognize, uncheck it. Restart your computer and see if that fixes it. You can always go back and check them if you made a mistake.

  2. rossng11 says:

    It is spyware masquerading as a security alert. You probably don’t have spyware as claimed, just the spyware of the company trying to sell this software to you, it’s just claiming you do to scare you into buying their useless software. You, however, are infected by it, so you need to get rid of it.

    To get rid of it, download the following:
    Avira: (if you don’t have anti-virus, if you have Norton or AVG replace it with this)
    Spyware Terminator (turn off web security guard):
    Spybot: (use immunise feature)

    Update all and scan your computer, removing or quarantining what is found.

    In future, do not click on adverts, and do not download from dodgy websites promising free stuff that you have to pay for elsewhere.

    Use firefox: and the AdBlock extension ( ) and whatever other useful extensions like Download Statusbar you want.

  3. tWKBQOS says:

    If your computer has been accessing the Internet unprotected it is infected.
    Spyware has surpassed viruses as the #1 threat to identity theft and without protection your Internet activities are never private.
    To get rid of spyware and keep your computer clean you can use an antispyware or even more.
    There are top 10 the best and latest anti-spywares in 2007.
    the reviews link:

    All are safe and can be trusted and you can download one.

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