How to Remove the Wave Browser Virus

The Wave browser is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) that installs what looks just like Google Chrome. However, it’s entirely different software that is designed to display unwanted ads and promote the products they wish.

More often than not, users won’t even notice the difference between the Chrome browser and this doppelganger. And what’s worse, it automatically becomes a default browser on your device.

But what are the risks of using Wave browser? While this Wave browser is not exactly a virus or malware, it can make your computer vulnerable to malicious software. The browser can also track your data and make it accessible to cybercriminals.

So how do you identify it and get rid of it? Read our article to learn how to remove Wave browser from your computer.

The easiest way to remove the Wave browser from your device and similar PUPs is to run a full system scan with TotalAV. The tool gives your devices ultimate protection from malware and unwanted programs with strong security and real-time and cloud scanning features.

What is Wave browser?

Is the Wave browser a virus? Not really. The Wave browser is a browser application that resembles Chrome.

Wave browser interface

But experts warn the Chromium-based browser could pose data security and privacy concerns. That’s because the Wave browser contains ads and links that most people consider intrusive and bothersome. It’s these ads and links that could contain a virus or malware.

Once you click on a malicious ad or link, it might turn into a browser hijacker that comprises or controls your device. Those ads or links could also install spyware that gathers and tracks your personal data. Everything you do in your browser, including making payments or logging into bank accounts, becomes a gold mine for cybercriminals. They could also sell your info on the black market.

Here’s a summary of the threats you and your devices could face with the Wave browser.

Type Browser hijacker, adware, PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program)
Device Any device that uses web browsers
Symptoms Changed default search engine, increased amount of adds and pop-ups, redirecting to potentially malicious websites, annoying ads