How to see old notifications on an Android device

  • You can see old notifications on an Android that you’ve previously cleared via the device’s Notification Log. 
  • You can only access your Notification Log after you activate it through your Android device’s Developer Mode.  
  • To enable Developer Mode with just a few repeated taps, find the “Software Information” or “Build Number” options in your Android’s Settings app. 
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Have you ever cleared out your notifications on your Android device, only to realize you might have missed something? Typically, you can’t go back to old notifications once you’ve erased them, but there is a way around this through a hidden function called the Notification Log.

To view your Android device’s Notification Log, you will need to access a widget that is only available in Developer Mode. 

Note that not all Android versions have this widget, so if your device falls into this category, you’ll need to download a third-party app to view old notifications instead.

Here’s how to see notifications you’ve previously erased on your Android phone. 

How to see old notifications on Android

1. Open your Android device’s Settings.

2. Swipe up in the Settings menu until you see “About phone.” Tap it.  

How to see old notifications on Android

You will need to scroll to the bottom of the Settings menu list to see this option.

Chrissy Montelli/Business Insider

3. Tap on “Software information.” If you don’t see “Software information,” locate the “Build Number” option. 

How to see old notifications on Android 2

Depending on your phone model and software version, accessing build mode may look different.

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4. Tap on “Build number” until you see a small message about being a developer. 

How to see old notifications on Android 3

The Build Number is a string of numbers and letters related to your phone’s release version.

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5. A message will prompt you with the number of times you will need to tap on the “Build number” to enter developer mode. If…