How to Show Alerts for Fire, security, Power loss on a computer and over a home network?

I have a media computer plugged into our tv (It is also plugged into our bose security alarm via phone cable) and if our smoke alarm goes off the warning will appear on our pc’s and our tv. What type of software will i need for this and can i get the warning to show on all the computers in our house?

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  1. Peter Rogers says:

    I hope your system is monitored! It’s great that you are monitoring your smoke detectors (most folks do not), but if you are not home, what happens then? Or even worse, if you are overcome by smoke? Or CO? That is where a professionally monitored system is a big advantage – the police, fire, or medical respondents will be notified by the monitoring station of the conditions at your home, regardless of your presence or ability to do so.

    More and more people are having their systems monitored for intrusion, fire, and environmental conditions, and you would be surprised at the interactive services you can get these days. Good systems offer the following:

    1) 100% cellular monitoring
    2) Remote arm/disarm capability
    3) Special apps for iPhone, Blackberry, Android,
    4) Email & text notifications on anything happening at home: doors opening, etc.
    5) Video services – live viewing from any web connection (including phone) and motion-activated clips
    6) Smart home – remote light and thermostat control

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