How to stay confident when shopping online this Christmas – Back End News

According to a recent survey conducted by Kaspersky, Filipinos are the top new e-cash adopters in the Asia Pacific region at 37% followed by India (23%) and Australia (15%). Survey respondents from the region said they have used digital payments primarily because of the convenience it offers.

The pandemic has ushered in an extraordinary online shopping experience where window-shopping (checking out products), comparing prices before buying, and having the goods delivered right on the customer’s doorstep can all be done at home anytime with just one click.

“The pandemic has triggered more people to embrace online shopping,” said Chris Connell, Managing Director for Asia Pacific at Kaspersky. “Although physical safety is essential, the safety of our finances, devices, and information is also important, especially as phishing scams become more and more sophisticated and targeted. We expect cybercriminals to continue using tricks that will lure more victims to take the bait hence this festive season, we urge everyone to put their guards up against messages, calls, and even emails asking for critical information such as account number, OTPs, passwords, and more.”

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Unfortunately, this rise in digital adoption is where cybercriminals are directing their efforts to. The recently reported sim-swap incident worth almost P2 million in just one attempt is an example.

Sim-swap is a scam used to intercept online banking SMS verification codes. To get hold of one-time passwords for financial transactions, cybercriminals create or fraudulently obtain a copy of the victim’s SIM card from the mobile operator. It’s no surprise that a third of the survey respondents (31%) in APAC admitted being concerned about losing money when it comes to making online transactions.

Here are some practical tips from Kaspersky for online shopping:

  • Stick to familiar brands you know or have heard of.
  • If you’re checking out a new brand, research it carefully and get its contact details like email, phone number, or address. Also, look for its…