How to uninstall active security from your computer?

i removed it from add and remove programs, but it reinstalled it self. it even downloaded porn sites on my computer when i rebooted my computer

Active security installed itself on my computer without my permission?
what is it. how Do i remove i

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  1. Jody A says:

    Link below is a google search, first two links that come up are to tools to remove this spyware issue and will probably get more of the root files than a simple add/remove programs uninstall

  2. Ask PC says:

    Go to and download the revo unistaller and install it.after installing open it select the Active Security and click on uninstall and follow the revo steps. delete every registry and file that is detected by Revo.

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  3. Sarah says:

    Reboot ur pc>press F8 into safe mode>run perfect uninstaller if u have>follow the “Force Uninstall” on the page. GOOD LUCK!

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