How will I know what computer security is installed on my computer?

Tried to download anti-virus on my computer,but the screen appears that there is already security installed on my computer,
First time computer user, recently bought toshiba nb100(Window xp )in I didn’t personally installed it.
Although I didn’ get the answer I want, I would like to thank you guys for sparing your time,answering my question.

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  1. MuffDive69 says:

    im a bit suspicious here, im sure you can remember what programs you’ve installed….is your computer stolen

  2. nikkai says:

    Mmm You have not said if it ie windows mac or other OS.
    if windoze then what version if mac what version
    but hey ho.
    look in your programs

  3. Dunbar Pappy says:

    “Security” on a Windows system falls into 2 broad categories: anti-virus & firewall.
    Additional (and required really) security must be added to form ‘layering’, and involves several steps.
    You should say exactly what’s on the screen, in order for a better determination to be made.

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