How would i get passed a school security computer code?

is there like any password to get on like myspace or something? best answer 10 points i hardly got on this im on it right now

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  1. Melissa K says:

    You can use a proxy but be careful: a kid at my school let a virus in that way, they suspended him and made him pay for the technician to come out and remove the virus.

  2. Mercuri says:

    You don’t. It’s not your computer. it’s not your internet. you have no rights on that computer. consider the implications of your actions and the possibility of getting suspended from school. Seriously. MySpace will still be there when you get home. Go learn something instead.

  3. Viper says:

    You use a proxy – but don’t!

    All the proxies you try should be blocked by your school. That is because most schools use content blocking software. It blocks new proxies 98% of the time because of their content (that they are a proxy), not because of the web address.

    You really should be careful using a proxy at school. Is it worth risking getting into trouble?

    1. School computer admin take security seriously, they have to, it’s a main part of their job.

    2. Proxies posted here normally contain spyware/malware and viruses, they also track what you type, so they can get access to your mail accounts etc to send spam from them. Do you think people set these proxies sites up for free? They are getting something out of you using them and it’s 99% criminal.

    3. Because of the danger from using a proxy, computer admin block them well, although it’s always a cat and mouse game. So it’s unlikely you will even get through on one for long anyway.

    4. If you do use one and the computer system gets infected with a virus, you will be in a lot of trouble, losing computer rights and possible suspension.

    So please consider this a friendly warning. Is it really worth it? Can’t you just wait to use myspace etc at home or in a public library?

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