HPE extends Trusted Supply Chain initiative globally for ProLiant servers

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. is making a global push for supply chain security in its server line.

Two years ago, HPE launched its Trusted Supply Chain initiative to advance end-to-end security in servers for U.S. federal and public sector customers. This month, HPE is announcing an expansion of this program globally for its ProLiant server portfolio.

“We have launched a comparable service globally called HPE Server Security Optimization Service for ProLiant,” said Cole Humphreys (pictured, right), global server security product manager at HPE. “We can deliver it in the European markets and now in the Asia-Pacific markets. It is a big deal for us, because now we have activated a meaningful supply chain security benefit for our entire global network of partners and customers.”

Humphreys spoke with Lisa Martin, industry analyst for theCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media’s livestreaming studio. He was joined by Ann Potten (pictured, left), trusted supply chain program lead at HPE, and they discussed rising costs of cybercrime, a 360-degree approach to computer security, new tools for component tracking, and protection for hardware end-of-life. (* Disclosure below.)

Supply chain risk

HPE’s drive for meaningful supply chain security comes at a time when the topic is generating significant enterprise interest. Recent compromises of the software supply chain, through exploits such as the SolarWinds attack, have led to greater awareness of software and hardware components.

HPE’s Trusted Supply Chain initiative in 2020 focused on providing customers with cyber assurance to ensure they were receiving verifiably authentic and uncompromised products. The cost of ransomware attacks and breaches has escalated since then, and HPE is seeking to expand enterprise protection.

“It’s estimated that cybercrime cost will reach over $10.5 trillion by 2025 and will be even more profitable than the global transfer of all major illegal drugs combined,” Potten said. “The SolarWinds software supply chain was attacked two years ago, which unfortunately went unnoticed for several months. These things together and coming from multiple directions presents a cybersecurity challenge for an…