I am using Norton Internet Security 2006 for my computer. Can I use Mozilla firefox too?

I think Norton Internet Security 2006 (Anti Virus) is doing the job of Firefox too. Under this circumstance, can I download Mozilla Fire Fox? Will it lead to conflict of softwares and block the computer?

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  1. Biggles says:

    Yes you can use Norton 2006 and firefox because that’s just what I’m doing now
    I wouldn’t use any other browser then firefox

  2. Mike says:

    You can use Mozilla Fire Fox.
    It should not have any conflicts on your computer.
    I have Fire fox and no conflicts on the computer.

  3. ray_8128 says:

    Norton Internet Security protects against malware. It contains anti-malware software and a firewall.

    Firefox is a web browser.

    Norton can not do what Firefox does, they are two completely different programs!!!!! Installing Firefox will not cause conflicts.

    You may need to configure Norton Firewall to allow Firefox to connect to the Internet.

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