I asked a question relating to a matter of computer security.Yahoo deleted the question after 2 answers. Why?

I asked how a person can follow another person around the internet if they know his ISP number and after 2 people answered yahoo deleted the question. What kind of question-answer system does yahoo make? Censorship in action?

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  1. l d says:

    How many days was it up? Usually it is 3 days and things appear to be gone – regardless of the # of replies.

  2. kermit says:

    everybody know that the system sucks

    peoples life have been ruined by getting the account suspended … not being able to contact there boss ect. and this is my second account .. i dont even know what i did wrong the first time my account got deleted

  3. acklan says:

    You question boarders on soliciting information on how to stalk. While you may not have ill intentions someone else could use the information directly.
    Better safe than sorry.
    BTW this is a private forum, not public. Yahoo reserve the right to moderate ALL content.

  4. Violet says:

    This question might have been deleted because it seemed like you were trying to find out how to stalk someone.

    Following someone around the internet would be considered stalking.

  5. engineer_retired says:

    I have been with Yahoo for years … Community Leader under Geocities and then a Yahoo Expert answering questions just like now. Yahoo doesn’t monitor ‘Yahoo Answers’ itself. The question was reported by more than one person is the most likely reason.

  6. trimagna says:

    Did you mean IP or ISP?

    Most people have dynamic IP addresses. Both dialup and DSL connections are reassigned with each connection.

    If you ” follow another person around the internet”, are you trying to monitor his activity? There are programs like Net Nanny which log activity and help parents or school administrators supervise online activity.

    First, you are trying to do something which cannot be done with off-the-shelf above board utilities and second you didn’t explain why your activity is permissible in our society.

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