I bought a laptop and it came with one month free internet security,I there renewal cost of $69.99?

It is too expensive. It is called macafee. I am happy with it but it costs too much for renewal. Can I buy Macafee online for less or is there a better and cheaper internet security?

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  1. D'ohh? says:

    If you have Comcast, you can get it for free from them. If no, there are other alternatives, like AVG is free, and eSet Nod32 Antivirus is the best and fastest but not free and not as expensive.

  2. Scott P says:

    Yes, you can get a copy of McAfee from computer shop and input the code. Many computer offer a good rebate with McAfee now. If you are in USA, try Frys.com or CompUSA.com.

  3. Harley Drive says:

    mcafee is dreadful it takes over the computer hogs resources runs unnecessary updates all the time sends you messages and reminders and then doesn’t work very well and doesn’t get rootkit viruses. AVG is useless for the same reason. Uninstall it and install ONE of the following Avira antivir , Avast or comodo.

  4. Josh J says:

    uninstall Macafee and install Avast Home (free) or AVG (free).

    They are both very good Anti Virus. Let google help you

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