i have a serious computer security problem?

my mother was on ly laptop earlier today and installed a virus protection program called cyber security it told her i had viruses to get her to download it when i didn’t. im trying to get rid of it but anytime i go into add or delete programs it tells me its just for evaluating and the delete function is disabled. the problem is it tries to block every website i go to and when i say continue it goes to the home page to have me buy it. does any one know how i can get it off my computer im getting seriously frustrated.

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  1. Yousurf says:

    Restart your computer and press F8 to run in safe mode download malware bytes and avaira and full scan the computer and let it find the problem.

  2. Caliboy says:

    i had da same problem ok do thiz download avast or avg anti virus …malware anti malware…nd spybot search n destroy dont install it ok ……turn off ur pc when turnnin ur pc back on tap f8 many times put it in safe mode ..wait 4 a while while it brings u 2 da welcome screen chose ur account den ur goin 2 c some icons click on it (its da programs dat u download b4 puttin it in safemode) ok install da program update it nd den scan thiz should help well good like ….

  3. mtttess says:

    Anyone find it ironic that he lied to his mom about having viruses so shell download anti-virus for him when it sounds like his mom downloaded a virus?

    ^what did the poster before me say?

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