I have shaw secure is it okay to use internet security?

I need to scan my e-mail and was informed that Internet Security would help me do this?

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  1. Log says:

    no dear you can not scan ur e-mail account with ur internet security…

    but the e-mail service providers have their own way to secure ur mails…

    when u download attachments from the email they automatically scaned by the website

    like yahoo uses norton security…

    no need to scan e-mail id

  2. Gary says:

    Shaw Secure is anti-virus & firewall & spam control. That should be sufficient, if you keep it updated & scan regularly. As well as your internet provider scanning your mail for viruses, your anti-virus program should scan any attachments you open. Check with their website for directions if you’re not sure of how to operate it.

    Internet security is a generic term that usually means a firewall & anti-virus package, like you have. There are several anti-virus companies that have a product with internet security in the name, such as:
    Norton Internet Security 2010
    McAfee Internet Security 2010
    TrendMicro Internet Security Pro
    Kaspersky Internet Security 2010
    AVG Internet Security 9.0
    PC Tools Internet Security 2010

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