I need a computer security-cam (set-up kit) for out side my house. What is a good deal for a computer idiot,me

Is there such a thing (kit) that a mom and pop could get and set it up over a week end without having to go to technology school? What stores carry them? I would like to be able to work at my desk and see my outside surroundings at the same time and at a push of a computer button …check every thing, …push a button again and go back to work on my computer. Need about 8-12 monitored outside position / locations and using only one monitor. What would I have to expect to pay? What do I need to be aware of to avoid getting ripped off? Wiring will not be an issue for the most part.

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  1. JoKeRz says:

    I did that with my webcam for a while when I had workers in the house and small trinklets started to suddenly vanish.
    it wasn’t high quality shots but I was able to catch the ass stealing things Try a program called Tincam it has the ability to take a picture with the webcam when it detects motion.
    and a webcam tends to be a hell of a lot cheaper than the security cameras they sell at some other websites.

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