I need Security Tool off my friends computer?

My friend got the virus “security tool” on his computer and im helping him get it off. He tried to go on the internet and download things like malware bytes anti-malware, spyware doctor, etc. but security tool wont let him download anything. He went into safe computer and networking on his computer and when he got to the internet it froze on him and every time after that it still freezes in that mode. Is there any FREE way around this issue?

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  1. Mark Taylor says:

    here’s what you do:

    If safe mode doesnt start, just try this in normal boot anyway. this is the first part of the virus. all you have to do is go to My computer. then, click on the tools tab on top, and click folder options. click “show hidden files and folders” and uncheck “Hide protected OS files. *WARNING* do not mess with any files or folders unless it says here. i have experience,…

    If you can run your software, clean your computer with malwarebytes (download to installer below) if not, first try a few system names like winlogon.exe or soffice.exe or ie.exe. but, if it doesnt work, go to your my computer and click C: and click documents and settings. Then go to your name, local settings, temp, and delete .bat files like a, b, c, d, e, and f. li…

  2. cammie c says:

    this is the only way i can think of
    go to a nother computer and download malwarebytes dont intstall! burn it to a cd or put it on a flash drive and then transfer it to the infected computer then put your friends computer in safe mode with networking then update malwarebytes and do a scan and that should remove it if you cant get on to the internet because of the rouge that is what a fake anti virus/anti spyware is called btw but if its blocking malwarebytes from updateing make sure you get the newest malwarebytes and just do the same step but because you cant update dont update it just scan the computer in safe mode and if that works i recommend install a anti virus i recommend in getting avira anti virus its free and offers the detection rate of all free anti viruses and beats some paid anti viruses. thanks hope that helped

  3. Seb says:

    Following these instructions carefully:
    1.Start > Programs.
    Right click on ‘Security tool’ (at the bottom)
    Then select Properties.
    2.You should have the properties window popup.
    Click ‘Find Target..’
    3.A folder should now open.
    Right click on the file.
    Select ‘Rename’
    Change the name to anything else.
    4.Right click again on the file.
    Select ‘Delete’
    and confirm the file deletion.
    5.Right click on ‘Security tool’
    Then select Delete.
    6.Reboot your computer
    ie. Start > Shutdown > Restart
    7.Once rebooted your computer should now appear normal.
    On the desktop, right click on the ‘Security tool’
    Then Select ‘Delete’

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