I use iobit 360 and Microsoft security essentials but my computer is slow should I remove one of them?

Using iobit 360 and like it but microsoft security essentials in this combination is making my computer run slow. Should I remove one of these

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  1. Jennifer Aniston says:

    Yes and
    You need to take three steps to speed up your computer or laptop:

    1. Add more RAM

    2. Uninstall all software’s that you do not use.

    3. Select a good registry cleaner and PC optimizer such as Reginout from Intel Software Directory http://ibx.intel.com/directory/Default.aspx

    I am sure these three steps will help you a lot.


  2. Lyne says:

    Well, this software really slows down computer, maybe you need to them and install other anti-virus software.

  3. Olav says:

    There may be a number of possible reasons why your computer is slow. Virus may turn out to be one of them, but not necessarily. I would consider uninstalling the first program you mentioned. You should probably stick to Security Essentials, which seems to be a good anti virus program. Make a full scan, if you haven`t already done so. It may find some harmful objects to remove. “PC owner”

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