I wanna learn computer security where should i start?

well i wanted to take a couple of classes in collage for computer security when i get there but im in high school rite now
so were should i start to learn more bout it ?

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  1. grunt_mage says:

    microsoft technet…
    it includes topics like syst.em errors, recovery and mainly bout security

  2. Dunbar Pappy says:

    For the very best background education, that’s entirely free, go to ‘Security Now’ podcasts with Steve Gibson & Leo Laporte.
    These are 1hr. ‘sit down’ chats, that cover current issues, the how & why, with remedies for security issues, related to internet, networking, etc.
    You’ll need to start with the early ‘casts because these are computer functions & basics, and occasionally it gets a bit tekky, but Steve & Leo do it in real easy to understand chat format, that makes it painless, fun, & interesting (if you like the tech stuff to start with).
    College level education, free.
    Find it here:

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