If I change my anti-virus and other computer security to something other than what I have,?

do I remove the old first, or download the new before removing the old.

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  1. doyler78 says:

    download the new before you uninstall the old. once the download is complete disable your internet connection. remove your old anti-virus. reboot. install your new anti-virus. now you can safely go back online.

  2. c_plus_plus_genius says:

    Use the steps described by doyler78. To access the uninstall feature of your current programs go to Start->Control Panel->Add or Remove Programs. From here you will be able to access the uninstall programs.

    But honestly you only need to remove your anti-virus. You can use multiple spyware scanners, I recommend you run only a single resident shield and not the resident shields of all your spyware programs (although it is possible, for instance, ewido’s shield can be run along the TeaTimer shield and SpywareGuard at the same time without any conflicts). Simply disable the shield of the old software if there is one and never run scans simultaneously.


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