If I connect to my own router, will I also get the security from my home computer?

I have a home based computer, and a router so I can connect my laptop to my internet.
If I have safely connected my laptop to my router, will I also get the security on my laptop that I have on my home computer?
I have cogeco, and I want to know if it would also go on to my laptop since their connected.

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  1. The Phlebob says:

    No. Computer-based security covers only the computer it’s on. This includes anti-malware software as well as firewall software. Each computer or laptop should have its own protection.

    Hope that helps.

  2. Tanner Hanson says:

    you wont get the same spyware on you desktop to your laptop. i have a desktop then another desktop connected via wifi and i caught a virus on that one if you want protection on your laptop i reccomend avg free. as you may guess its free and it works great!

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