If i have verizon internet, can I download the verizon security internet suite for free on another computer?

I have verizon internet throughout my house, mostly wireless, and I just got a mac laptop.
On my desktop computer, they installed the verizon security suite software, and I was wondering if I can install the same software onto my mac?


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  1. mrprez8 says:

    Well, you can if you have an installation CD, but Verizon Internet Security Suite is TRASH. The minute I switched to AVG FREE (Did I mention I’m not paying for it.) antivirus, it detected 9 trojans that VISS never did. NEVER! Download ZoneAlarm to replace firewall. Ad-aware and Spyware Terminator, and AVG or Avast! free editions. VISS doesn’t even rank on the list of best AV programs.

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