if i want to be a computer security analyst, what job should I start off as 2 build up to that?

well my degree is in computer science..w/t concentration in security so thats a start but I know i cant just bounce into security w/t an associates or bachelors you need experience to build your way up people tell me, what job would i go for like systems administator or ?

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  1. Daryle S says:

    ok so strat out of college good luck with a sys admin job been in the feild ten years with a Bachelors in Computer and Electronics Engineering with a minor in Graphic design I have been sys admin, it manager, design engineer and gm of a repair and sales store for computer and electronics and I cant get a sys admin position too much competition but if you want a good job to start with that will help with working as a security analyst get a network technician job you will learn hands on the setup of security and then you canwork from there also you want to take and pass your white hat hackers certificate when you are comfortable hacking becuase if you cant hack you can’t be a good security analyst

  2. Lord Garth says:

    I would advise you get as much hands-on experience as you can get. Try getting a job installing or helping to install networks. Try to stay with mainline companies they are going to be easily accepted when you want to promote or grow. Try to steer yourself in the direction of say, Cisco CCNA really with proper accreditation from them knowing who I know Cisco certification is tops, and it is regarded as being able to write your own ticket in the industry. This program is recognized in the US by the NSA as the way to fly in security systems. I would highly suggest you pursue this route as it is probably going to be the fastest way to get hands-on and proper acredidation. I hope this helps.

  3. FairyFly says:

    Ignore Lord Garth he doesn’t really know what he’s talking about. Every different subject he gives an answer to he puts that he’s an expert. LOL. People shouldn’t be dishonest.

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