If I’m a Computer Security major @ CC, what do I transfer as since thers no Security as major @ 4yr schools?

My degree from CC will be an associates in science in computer information systems(security concentration)….NO I DONT FIND COMPUTER SCIENCE INTERESTING!! AND MY CREDITS WONT TRANSFER W/T THAT DEGREE PROGRAM I WOULD PROB HAV 2 START ALL OVER

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  1. Tweeter & the MonkeyMan says:

    There are lots of schools that have security programs – think physical or operational security at a 4 year that does public safety programs.
    Also, you can probably take a 4-year MIS degree with a minor in security/computer security.

    Most companies hiring now (and predicted for the near future) will want a blended education – take some tech courses, but also take some business courses. A lot of 4-year schools offer MIS degrees from both the business school side or from the science/tech side. Keep this in mind while you choose.

    If you have the luxury, choose a school that will allow you to take advantage of courses in Sysadmin roles, Cisco routing, and other useful skills.
    If you have a lot of knowledge in one area, or have extra study time, get some certifications to round out your education/ technical skills / experience matrix.

    While in school, join the IEEE and /or ACM . Lots of reference materials, discounts on courses and books, and great contacts for later.

    During summers, take internships where you can use or improve your skills. If you can do work-study or work part-time without killing your grades, then get some experience too. Work for a local tech firm, or work with a professor doing research. Sure, you’ll do the clean-up work to start, but again – you’ll have those names on your resume and lots of experience when you want a real job – or want to go into business for yourself.

    On those smaller jobs, in most cases, there will be left over equipment or extra projects – you can always jump in and volunteer to work on that stuff once you get comfortable in the job.

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