Ignore the GOP’s sudden pivot, Republicans have long worked to undermine Ukraine

In light of the brutal carnage being perpetrated by the Russian army on Ukraine this week, it’s good to see that most Republicans have found it in themselves to finally condemn the invasion. It obviously wasn’t easy for them. As we’ve just witnessed with the pandemic, they hate to be on the same side as a Democratic president for any reason, no matter how high the body count is. But they have come around, with even the most reluctant Republican now rallying to the side of the Ukrainian people. In fact, some of them have gone so far in the opposite direction that they have become reckless and dangerous:

That may be one of the most irresponsible comments by a sitting U.S. senator in modern memory.  When Graham repeated it on Fox News, even Laura Ingraham was left bewildered.

Of course, many Republicans still blame President Joe Biden for failing to prevent the crisis.

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas declared that Vladimir Putin didn’t invade while Donald Trump was in office because Trump was so tough on him, which is, of course, laughable. Cruz’s evidence is the sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline (which Trump didn’t even sign into law until the end of his term.) But former national security adviser John Bolton claimed that Trump actually fought all of the sanctions every step of the way, adding, “the fact is that he barely knew where Ukraine was. He once asked John Kelly, his second chief of staff, if Finland were a part of Russia.”

And in a stunning reversal, after boldly insisting for months that he supported Russia over Ukraine, even extolling the virtues of Vladimir Putin, last night Fox News host Tucker Carlson even admitted he was wrong … sort of.

He claimed that he didn’t think the threat was real because Joe Biden had allegedly sent Vice President Kamala Harris to “fix” it so it couldn’t have been that serious. (The president did not send Harris to fix it.) Nobody does smug, unctuous trolling quite like Tucker Carlson.

Nonetheless, it does appear that Republicans have finally recognized that their admiration for the Russian strongman Vladimir Putin may have been a bit of a bad look. And I’m sure they are hoping that no one will remember the last few years of…