I’m going to Community College for my Associates in Computer Security, I would like to be a Security anaylst?

Looking for schools to transfer to for my bachelors has been confusing for me considering I dont see many offering this as a Major….what should I do I don’t want to be a computer science major…I want to be a computer security major and just focus on that stuff not everything else and just small portion of security aspect?

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  1. Keep It Simple HTML says:

    Bachelors are mostly theory (IMHO)
    Masters and Certification programs are more specific to what you want to learn

  2. Peter says:

    There are programs out there. Look under “Information Security.” Call up universities you’re interested in and ask them if they offer programs in computer security. Chances are that you will find some programs out there.

    The question I have to ask you, however, is “why not computer science?” I understand that you want to go into computer security. However, with a degree in Computer Science, you will qualify for any computer security job out there. And as a plus, if you decide that you don’t want to do information security after all, then you can get pretty much any other computer job with a CS degree.

    These days, it’s hard to find a job, period. If we’re still in a recession when you graduate, then you will want to be qualified for as many jobs as possible.

    If you’re not interested in CS simply because you don’t think ti will apply to what you want to do, then I can tell you flat out that you’re wrong. When your securing a computer system, you have to have an understanding of how that system works.

    If you’re not interested in CS because you think it’s too much math (the most common “why I’m not doing CS” excuse I’ve heard), then computer security probably isn’t good for you either. You will need to learn a lot about the basic workings of computer systems and the theory behind how they work in order to analyze the security of that system. Therefore, you should have have a sufficient mathematical background to understand that (at least calculus).

    I have a number of friends who work in computer security for some very big name companies and nearly every single one of them has a degree in computer science. I don’t know a single one that has a degree in computer security. That’s probably because such programs are relatively new. But it does show that a CS degree will meet the requirements for these jobs.

    Hope that helps!

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