Important security tips for safe online banking

Online Banking

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New Delhi: Internet banking allows you to do transactions in a fast and convenient way. Internet banking has made all banking functions accessible through a few clicks. However, this facility needs to be used very carefully due to the risk of phishing – fraudulent means of attaining your confidential banking information. Here are the tips for safe online banking by SBI:

* Access your bank website only by typing the URL in the address bar of your browser.

* Be aware of downloading any malicious application from mobile application stores (Google Playstore, Apple App Store, Blackberry App World, Ovi Store, Windows Marketplace etc) that are offering Online Banking. Kindly check their authenticity before downloading, by contacting your Bank.

* Do not click on any links in any e-mail message to access the site.

* SBI or any of its representatives never sends you email/SMS or calls you over phone to get your personal information, password or one time SMS (high security) password. Any such e-mail/SMS or phone call is an attempt to fraudulently withdraw money from your account through Internet Banking. Never respond to such email/SMS or phone call. Please report immediately on report dot phishing at sbi dot co dot in if you receive any such e-mail/SMS or Phone call. Please lock your user access immediately, if you have accidentally revealed your credentials. Click here to lock.

* Do not be lured if you receive an e-mail/SMS/phone call promising reward for providing your personal information or for updating your account details in the bank site.

* Having the following will improve your internet security:

* Newer version of Operating System with latest security patches.

* Latest version of Browsers (IE 7.0 and above , Mozilla Firefox 3.1 and above, Opera 9.5 and above, Safari 3.5 and above, Google chrome,etc.)

* Antivirus signatures applied

* Scan your computer regularly with Antivirus to ensure that the system is Virus/Trojan free.

* Change your Internet Banking password at periodical intervals.