In computer Security what are ETANS? I am trying to research for my job?

I am going for a Computer Analyst Position and they are asking if I have experience with ETANS? Related to security Import and Export

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  1. the_dude says:

    Sure it’s not ELANs? My job involves network security, I’m not familiar with the term, ETAN.

    ELANs have evolved to where VLANs are more common today.

  2. Rusty W says:

    They are talking about one of two things depending on the bent of their emphasis:
    (1) For policy and “import/export” issues, “ETANS” are science and technology policies associated with “ETAN” which is the European Technology Assessment Network. Here is their website:

    (2) Or, a very fast and flexible “electrically trainable analogy neural network” which usually is “ETANN” which allows for a trainable security system. If you are going for a technical position, this is probably what the human resources folks were trying to say.

    That might have some import/export issues associated with it because it is high level technology.

    Best of luck with your interview!


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