Intel’s Greg Lavender On Project Amber, Securing The Digital Future, Quantum Computing And ‘Y2Q’

If Tuesday’s Intel Vision 2022 keynote offered a hopeful glimpse of the future of information technology, Wednesday’s address was a sobering reminder about the extraordinary efforts being made to secure that emerging technology. The Santa Clara, Calif. chip behemoth also announced the launch of Project Amber, a cloud security subscription service that will be available to select clients later this month.

Greg Lavender, Intel’s senior vice president, chief technology officer and general manager of the Software and Advanced Technology Group (SATG), hosted a wide-ranging discussion about security challenges and Intel’s role in the larger tech community. Lavender noted research from Cybersecurity Ventures that predicts new ransomware attacks on organizations every two seconds by 2030, an increase of 33 percent. And with technology developing at a blistering pace, with mind-blowing quantum computing set to take over our digital lives, now is the time to secure that future.

“Let me start by setting the overall environment that we’re all facing and share with you some of the work Intel is doing now and in the future to mitigate the risk,” Lavender said. “It’s not just the threat of attacks, but the actual exploits that are increasing. We are unfortunately at a point where today’s attacks use malware without ever having to write any code… And the proliferation of threats is just as relentless as the pace of innovation.”

Lavender said it was important for companies to take a non-competitive stance on security, making sure networks, software and hardware are protected. “During yesterday’s keynote, you heard from my colleagues about the ways in which we’ve all adapted and innovation has unleashed across vertical markets as a result of this rapid digital transformation we are all experiencing. But every innovation brings its own set of new challenges… it’s creating an attack surface and attack vectors at a scale that we’ve never seen before.”

Here’s what else Lavender talked about.

On Project Amber

Project Amber‘s initial offering will be a cloud agnostic multi cloud federated service with provable integrity of its verification processes. We…