Interested in finding out more about the role of Security Administrator for computer networks?

Yahoo! jobs made brief mention of this role in an article on top jobs, and I’m curious what all is involved in the Security Administrator role. I’ll be doing some google searches for this, but I’m just curious to hear from anyone who might already be in the role about what all is involved in getting started (in terms of background, education) and what is involved in the job from your own perspective.


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  1. †±JômS±† says:


    Security Administrator is the person charged with monitoring and implementing security controls and procedures for a system. Whereas each agency will have one Information Security Officer, technical management may designate a number of security administrators.

    :D…. If you really want to try it, go.!. I heard it is a good job and you should have a wide knowledge, because it’s all about the security of the company

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