is an associates degree better than a bachelors degree in computer networking security?

im deciding wether to get an associates degree in it-networking security and taking the Security + certification and Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) certifications, plus getting certified with the Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA) certification. or getting a bachelors degree is in computer science with a concentration in computer networking and security technology. tell me what you think i should do to get me the best chance of getting a job with a descent salary.

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  1. David K says:

    Certification will get you a job more quickly, but you may be a “grunt’ Forever… the 4-yr degreee offers more potential to expand your opportunities – one of which would be a master’s degree… The technical certification will probably serve you well to get employed, but may offer fewer growth options.

  2. Mister E. says:

    Hey! You sound like me. I wondered what might be best for getting a job in security. I decided to go with the easier 2 year and faster degree. Four years is a long time and a lot of money. And in case you’ve seen the news, kids getting out with a bachelors can’t find squat in this economy. I’m not saying an AAS is going to guarantee you anything but let’s face it. The whole four year thing is mostly an American stigma seen as “necessary for an academic student”. Certificates count for something. Good luck. We’ll both be vying for jobs in this toilet of a world. =)

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