Is it bad to have too many security systems on computer?

I have malwarebytes anti malware
Mes(microsoft essesntial security)
Auslogic registery cleaner
auslogic disk defrag

can i have all of these on the same computer? what does each one do? and do i need anything else

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  1. Boatwoman says:

    On my computer I have AVG anti virus, (it’s free), disk cleanup, and disk defrag. I had to call the help desk at one point and they said to only have one anti virus program on your system, If you have more than one it will slow down your pc and they will interfere with each other

  2. keihran says:

    Those look good. What is going to cause conflicts would be if you had multiple real-time protection programs running at the same time. Examples are Norton AV, McAfee, MES, etc. The reason this can be bad is just that due to the access they need, they will see each other as possible infections, quarantine parts of each other, and render themselves pretty much useless.

    Disk defragmenter isn’t a security program at all, so it’s fine.

    Registry cleaner is a maintenance tool for your Windows system registry. Avoid doing anything with this unless you know what you’re doing – it’s a powerful tool and easy to make a mistake.

    MES is your standard real-time antivirus program. Let it do its thing, and keep it up to date.

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