is it necessary to get internet security or antivirus is good enough?

i am getting bitdefender for my new computer, i just wonder if its necessary to get bitdefender internet security.
thank yo for helping.

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  1. China_13 says:

    tough qusetion.. if u can afford it i would recommend the internet security. it has more functionalities to safegaurd ur comp

  2. Maximus says:

    Without firewall protection, hackers have an open doorway to your computer.

    Dont limit yourself to only Bitdefender’s Internet Security. There are many more security suites out there to choose from. Some I suggest are:

    Kaspersky Internet Security 2009—->

    Eset’s Smart Security—>

    Every security suite out there offer a free trial before you buy their software. Download the trail version(s), find out what works best on your computer, then choose.

    If you’re using Windows XP, I would also suggest using HIPS software. Two I suggest are:

    Online Armour 2—>

    System Safety Monitor—>

  3. ₡ɧɨ (₡W)™ says:

    An antivirus is sufficient enough, but internet security programs protect from spyware and has firewall unlike an antivirus. If you want to spend extra money for internet security, go for it, but it is not completely necessary. Just get a free spyware scanner to use to remove any spyware and use Windows Firewall. Just as a note, BitDefender is terrible and I’m sure you will not like how much it slows down your computer.;mostPopTwoColWrap&cdlPid=10844457

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