Is it ok to have two security systems installed on my computer?

I have Norton 360 already on my laptop, but would it be ok to download Microsoft Security essentials also, i just want something to double check my computer and to add extra protection… and so if Norton misses something the other one will catch it.

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  1. soupfine says:

    It won’t make you more protected. It may cause problems and will likely slow your computer down, especially startup. Only have one anti’virus program that runs in real-time installed.

    Security Essentials and most anti-virus programs will tell you that when you try to install them. Some won’t even install until you remove the other one.

  2. Dasun Costa says:

    Your pc will slowdown, if you use 2 anti-virus software, it is useless to install 2 anti-virus software.

  3. FRAGGER says:

    Well having two anti-virus programs installed on the same computer can be a benefit for some but can be a pain for others. The two anti virus programs might have conflicts which can slow down the machine! It becomes very laggy at startup.

    I have a mate who used to have Avira installed on his laptop but he hated it so I suggested that he use Microsoft Security Essentials but if I remember correctly, while running the Microsoft Security Essentials installation setup, it prompted him to remove Avira so it won’t have conflicts. And weeks later, just a few days ago, he wanted to switch to AVG 2011 but when he installed it, it prompted him to remove Microsoft Security Essentials which he did anyway cause he can’t proceed with installing AVG without removing MSE first.

    So I’d rather stick with just one antivirus and I’d rather control the sites I go and the content I download. I’d rather scan all the USB’s people try to plug into my computer or better yet, why not use a Linux operating system cause they are more immune to viruses and other malware.

  4. Jerry says:

    Chances are – if you try to install more than one anti-virus program, one will conflict with the other. It will slow your system, and may even cause crashes! I tried this once, but ran into the same problem I just mentioned – the conflict, with one program claiming that the other was a virus!

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